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These books aren't just information - they're transformation!  I want to see you succeed in every way possible which is why I bundled together the 5 things you need to start your own transformation journey today!

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Imagine If You Were Finally Able To...
...create a simple lifestyle where movement, food and your body are something to celebrate and that bring joy and nourishment into your life.

...put down the diet book and smash the scale and get a jumpstart on the deep and meaningful work that leads to lasting results. longer feel controlled by restriction, punishment and suffering, instead free to be filled with purpose, joy, and strength.

...have a proven roadmap that is designed to bring you maximum results that is working for women JUST like you.
The Great News? This is All Possible and MORE!

"I created this bundle with the beginner in mind. We all have to start somewhere and I once was a beginner when it came to taking care of my body through exercise and nourishing it with food. This bundle is designed to provide you with the tools you need to start creating healthier habits that last a lifetime in a sustainable and fun way."

Coach Stacia

Each Essential E-Book is Specifically Designed to Help You Transform From the Inside Out
  •  28 Days of At Home Workouts: Including Exercise Library 
  • 5 Tools to Take You From Struggling and Stuck to Strong and Thriving
  • ​Mindfullness Techniques that Actually Transform the Way You Think and Look
  • The Resources Needed to Get the Strength and Confidence You Deserve

It's time to experience these results for yourself. Today, I'm giving you years of wisdom all boiled down into 5 easy to follow e-books. I'm so sure you'll love it, I'm even offering a huge discount as a gift to you!
Pssst, because you are amazing...

Was $149 Now ONLY $27

What Do You Get Inside the Bundle?
HERe's a sneak peak
Mindful eating method
Everything you need to know to master mindful eating habits that will transform the way you think about food and allow you to tune in with yourself and your body when you eat.
28 Day Workout guide
All you need is a pair of dumbbells and a willingness to sweat! This guide comes complete with 4 weeks of at home workouts and a complete exercise library.
Nutrition rescue pack
What are macronutrients? How much protein should I be eating to feel full? Get the answers to this PLUS bonus recipes to help you on your journey towards eating to nourish your body.
the gold-star grid
I tell all my clients to strive for PROGRESS not 
perfection. This tracker allows you to measure how
 far you've come and practice setting attainable goals 
to strive for each week.
Daily Gratitude Journal
It has been proven over and over again that 
practicing gratitude on a daily basis increases 
happiness. This reflective tool has been 
a game changer for clients and now it's your chance 
to cultivate your own daily gratitude practice.
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