Ready to build & grow the skills needed to create a strong body & mind, as well as establish a sustainable, healthy relationship with food that enables you to live the joyful life you desire? 

As much as you love following your favorite health and wellness chicks on the gram, and cheer for them crushing their fitness goals and rocking through life with total body confidence, the time has come where you're just about ready to have some of that for YOURSELF.  

You are done asking "is this for me?"
It's now a question of "How do I finally make this happen for myself?"

The great news is that it is totally possible to build strength from the inside out, to create the relationship with food and body you desire, and to kick toxic diet culture to the curb while establishing lifelong habits and enjoying life more - in just as little as 8 weeks! 

Can You Relate?
Are you tired of being told you need to lose weight and change yourself completely in order to fit a rigid and unrealistic beauty ideal?

Does healthy eating seem like a chore and exercise like some absurd form of punishment?

Are you done seeking a solution outside yourself to “fix” your body?

Have you spent too much time caught up in punishing cycles of restriction and binging, stress and shame and scrutinizing every little bit of your body?

Have you spent your life dieting away your happiness and at war with your own reflection?

I hear you, girlfriend. The good news is I have a solution
You know that you want to experience total body wellness for yourself - a sustainable way to move, a way of eating that makes you feel satisfied and ready to take on the world, and a mindfulness practice that nurtures your physical transformation. 

Because in an ideal world, you get up each day, feeling refreshed and ready to crush your goals - doing invigorating workouts, eating mouth-watering, nourishing meals, and almost brought to tears with how lucky you feel to be living the life of your dreams.

But….drat - that’s totally not where you are, yet. 

If anything, you have been on the diet hamster wheel longer than you can remember. Everyday you wake up, mind racing and totally exhausted from yesterday’s brutal workout, dreading that tilapia and broccoli meal your trainer is insisting you eat, and uninspired by the small, contained life you are living.

It’s not that you aren’t trying, you really are! Nothing you are doing seems to be making a difference and you know there must be a better way. If you could just hack the system to completely transform your mind & body - you know, those daily mindset, exercise, and eating habits - you’d be in business! 

It’s so easy to feel like we need to figure it out on our own. I feel you, that’s what I used to do too, and it was the loneliest, defeating, and ineffective thing I have ever done…

There is good news! There is a better way and I am going to show you exactly what that is.
Now, This is Not For Everyone! This is only for women...
...who are done using exercise as a form of punishment and ready to say goodbye to toxic diet culture.

…who are done believing their happiness is only available to them once they hit their goal weight.

...who want to create a simple lifestyle where movement, food and their bodies are something to celebrate and that bring joy and nourishment into their life. 

…who want to feel confident, strong, and at home in the skin they're in.

...and most importantly who are ready to put down the diet book and smash the scale and do the deep and meaningful work that leads to lasting results.

"I cannot say enough good things about this program. When we started I couldn't do a whole pushup and now I can knock out 10 reps easily and it's so empowering. I feel like myself again. I didn't take pictures of myself for a really long time and now I want to take pictures and celebrate life. I have all of this energy and rediscovered my love for movement. I no longer hide my body and through this program I have gained strength and confidence and I'm so grateful that I signed up for it!"

Lizzie B - After 3 Rounds of The Total Body Confidence Breakthrough Program

"This is so much more than a workout program. I have bought many different 8 week programs and none have come close providing the value and support as this has. My favorite thing about the workout videos is that Stacia is there to guide me, offering cues and encouraging me, so it feels like she's there coaching me through each rep! I not only have gotten stronger but I have found a way to make movement a priority in my life and have the tools to create a healthy lifestyle that works for me in a realistic and sustainable way."

Emily K - After 1 Round of The Total Body Confidence Breakthrough Program
How would your life be different if you could...
  • Move in a way that excites and empowers you
  • ​Nourish your body with food that energizes and satisfies you
  • Wake up and see a woman that is oozing confidence, strength, and love
  • ​Stand confidently, front and center in every photo (even the fully body shots!)
  • ​Approach your wellness from a place of compassion
  • ​Transform your relationship with your body in a sustainable way
  • ​Actively participate in your thriving life, filling up on amazing and fulfilling experiences

Wouldn't it feel nice to know--for certain--that the effort you are putting into your workouts, the energy you are spending creating a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, and the work you're doing on transforming your physical and mental wellbeing will ACTUALLY provide you with life-changing results that last?

You don't need more information, you need a strategy and action plan.
Watch This Video to See What's Inside The Total Body Confidence Breakthrough Course
Inside of The TBCB, You'll Get All the Tools Necessary to Completely Transform Your Health and Wellbeing
Over 36 Guided Workout Videos with Me Coaching You Every Rep! Plus 4 BONUS Skills Tutorials to Have You Swinging Your Bells Like a Boss!
Weekly Emails That Include Mindset Training, Encouragement, and Carefully Crafted Challenges to Ensure You Stay on the Right Path.
Weeklong Onboarding Process Complete with 7 Training Videos and 14 PDF's to Guide You on Your Journey and Set You Up For Success.
Journal Prompts and Mindset Materials to Ensure That Your Mind is Transforming While Your Physical Health Transforms So You Can Enjoy Lasting Results.

The Total Body Confidence Breakthrough is a highly interactive 8-week transformation opportunity where you establish life long habits, build your inner and outer strength and eliminate all the mental & emotional barriers between where you are today & where you want to be so you can go through life thriving with unyielding confidence. 

So let me ask you, do you want to continue on the same path you are on? Do you want to continue hopping from diet to diet and program to program, never seeing the results you desire and continuing to put your life and your happiness on hold? I imagine the answer is no, and that’s why you’re here with me today. 

What's Included:

  • ​Workouts that only require 2 kettlebells
  • ​Lifetime access to an online membership portal
  • ​36 unique workouts that can be done anywhere and 4 kettlebell skill/technique videos
  • ​Supplemental healthy habit building challenges
  • Mindfulness exercises, weekly encouragement and accountability check-ins sent straight to your inbox
  • ​Sustainable goal setting practices and a safe and effective, scalable program
  • ​More Support and Accountability than Any Other DIY Course on the market!
The Best Part?
  • You will never have to choke down tilapia and broccoli, or endure painful workouts that leave you feeling exhausted again.
  • ​The path of happiness is no longer paved by restriction, punishment and suffering, instead you walk along a path filled with purpose, joy, and kindness.
  • ​It doesn’t matter if you have spent your life on more diets than you care to count that have destroyed your relationship with yourself and your body, healing is possible and available to you now.

And the reason I am here sharing this with you is I’ve walked this path before, I know where the pitfalls, traps, and boogiemen are hiding. Now it is my duty to guide you down your own path while avoiding all these downfalls. 

As women, we have likely learned the hard way that strict diets never last. We can do every high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, high protein, low protein, low calorie, juice cleanse diet on the planet but these restrictions end up giving us more problems in the long run. 

The worst part? even if they promise great results, what happens when we can no longer keep up with the restrictions and rules and give up and go back to where we started. 

I don’t want this for you. In fact, I refuse to let this happen to my clients. It’s time to get off the dieting merry-go-round for good and onto a path that builds you up and strengthens the love, confidence, and beauty you have within you.

So you’re probably wondering when is it going to be your turn to look, feel and be who you want to be. I say that RIGHT NOW, today, it is your turn. It’s time to make that same commitment I made to myself years ago.

That you're going to do whatever it takes to start living your best life, once and for all. It’s time to feel confident, to feel at home in your body, to feel free from worry and doubt, to start trusting yourself and rebuild that connection to yourself once and for all.

You decide.

You decide that the results that are abundant and readily available to you are worth taking the next step for.

You decide that you have what it takes to quit dieting, get strong, and transform your life with ease and grace in this exact moment.

You decide that you don’t want to be the person holding you back any longer.

You decide that you’re ready enough.

Right now.


Who is Behind This Program?

I want to quickly introduce myself so you know you’re in trustworthy hands. My name is Stacia O’Block. I’m the founder of Strength By Stacia, a health and wellness company dedicated to empowering women to love, connect, and accept themselves through revealing their inner and outer strength. And while I have many years of education and certifications, my biggest teacher has been going through this all on my own personal journey and then working with countless women to empower them to do the same. 

The connections that have been created and the lives that have been transformed has given me invaluable information that I am now able to pass on to the amazing women I get to work with on a daily basis.

Are you ready to join us?
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